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Disciplinary actions 

Any apprentice in your employment is subject to the same company disciplinary procedures as your other employees.

If at any point during the programme you take disciplinary action against your apprentice, we request that we are kept informed of the process as it progresses and of the outcome. We will work with you to provide support where needed and to ensure, so far as is possible, that training opportunities are not affected.

XR is always available to provide advice and guidance for disciplinary routes and to meet with employers that may have issues with their apprentice to try and reach a mutually convenient solution.


If for any reason you wish to raise concerns about the training your apprentice is receiving we are always happy to meet and discuss with all concerned. We are able to tailor training specifically to your business, so please let us know if you feel your apprentice needs to be trained in a more specific direction.

Redundancies and resignations

Taking on an apprentice is a long-term commitment. However, we appreciate that sometimes issues might become unsolvable, or circumstances within the company might lead to you having to take the unfortunate step of terminating your apprentice’s employment.

In these instances, our first duty of care is to the apprentice. As they are already enrolled onto a training programme with us, our priority will be to find that apprentice new employment so they can continue their programme. They will be referred to our Business Development team who will work with them to secure alternative employment.

In the event of a redundancy, you must go through the appropriate channels within your own organisation to ensure the redundancy is legitimised and the reasons for the redundancy are valid, as is required by employment law. We will ask you to provide us with evidence of the redundancy, usually in the form of a confirmatory letter, so we can ensure that the apprentice’s training programme can continue if they find other employment.

If the apprentice resigns before the end of their programme, we will work with you to replace the apprentice if you choose to do so.

We are dedicated to delivering education and learning programmes and services that will meet the needs of the people we train and the companies we support

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