Ready to change someone’s life with an apprenticeship opportunity?

Employing an apprentice might seem like a big undertaking, but with our dedicated help and years of experience, it’s never been easier to add to your workforce. We will handle the application process for you, from advertising to shortlisting to organising interviews. And we won’t charge you a penny.

What should I know?

There are a few basic things to be aware of before you commit to employing an apprentice.

Firstly, employing an apprentice is exactly that: a commitment. As their employer you are offering your apprentice a place to learn, train and develop their practical skills whilst contributing to your business alongside your other employees, and this is is a process that can take some time. Typical apprentices can take up to four years to qualify.

Secondly, apprentices are not entitled to special benefits. Aside from the additional time they require for mentoring, they are subject to all the same policies and procedures as your other employees, including holiday entitlement, disciplinary procedures and overtime.

Thirdly, apprentices must be paid in line with National Minimum Wage requirements. Visit the Gov website for the most up-to-date rates.

Our apprenticeship programmes require an element of off-the-job training. This takes place at our centre in Pyle. Rates of attendance will vary depending on the programme. Ask a member of the team for more information on this.

Apprenticeships are interactive programmes that will require your active input in the form of progress reviews, regularly carried out by us over the course of the training. These reviews will give you and the learner an opportunity to voice any concerns that might arise during training, but we are always available to discuss any thing whenever needed.

How do I get started?

Just get in touch! Give us a call or send us an email, and a member of our Business Development team will talk you through the details, answer any questions, and get the ball rolling for you. (Completely free of charge!)

We are dedicated to making education available to all, to delivering learning programmes and services that will meet the needs of the people we train and the companies we support.

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