Help recruiting an apprentice

How to recruit an apprentice

Employing an apprentice might seem like a big undertaking, but with our help and experience of apprentice recruitment, taking one on has never been easier. Whether you’ve never taken on an apprentice before or have put many through their qualifications, apprenticeships are a consistently smart way of investing in the future of your company and the industry as a whole.

What do I need to know before employing an apprentice?

Apprentices are subject to all the same policies and procedures as your other employees, including things like holiday entitlement, overtime or disciplinary processes.

Apprentices must be paid in line with National Minimum wage rates, just as your other employees. We recommend employers make themselves aware of NMW rates and updates via the website.

Apprentices must be released one day a week to our training centre in Pyle for off the job training to occur. We appreciate there may be instances where work commitments mean weekly attendance is not always possible, however in our experience, apprentices with less than an 85% attendance rate struggle to complete their qualifications in a timely manner.

Your premises will be subject to a health and safety vetting carried out by XR Training. This is a contractual requirement that we undertake with all employers to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation, and we will ask for a copy of your Employers’ Liability Insurance.

Apprenticeships are interactive programmes and will require your input. The assessor will regularly visit your premises or place of site work to carry out observations, assessments and progress reviews, giving you an opportunity to feed back to us on the development of your apprentice and their training.

How do I recruit an apprentice?

We offer free recruitment services to employers, on the condition that the candidate we introduce to you is sent to us for the delivery of their apprenticeship training.

Please call us on 01656 746688, and a member of the Business Development team will discuss your needs and personal specification. If we have no suitable candidates on file, we will advertise the position on your behalf and send you the applications for consideration. Following a successful interview, we will advise and guide you through the subsequent enrolment process.

We are dedicated to delivering education and learning programmes and services that will meet the needs of the people we train and the companies we support

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