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We take great pride in what we do, and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Hear about us from the people who know us best: our learners and employers.

Electrical Engineering level 2

I was a stay-at-home dad for seven years before I started my apprenticeship. At 46 years old I did wonder if I’d left things too late. But it was my employer that encouraged me to get my qualifications and put me in touch with XR Training, and since then I’ve been on the path to getting qualified. I’ve been doing the job for years, but completing this apprenticeship will mean that I can finally sign off my own electrical work. I’ll also get paid for more the work I do. I’d advise anyone like me looking to get their qualifications to go through XR. It’s never too late!

Simon Bird

Electrical Apprentice, SKR Electrical Solutions

I’ve completed both a Business Improvement Techniques course and a Leadership & Management course with XR Training.

My lead trainer Clive Jones has been nothing short of fantastic! I would highly advocate XR Training to work with any company for training purposes, they’ve always been able to find the right course for the right staff member and they work closely with staff to get the most out of their course.

During the Business Improvement Techniques course they found a way to include not only the learners but also the whole team, opening the floor for new ideas and cohesion between members. They introduced new ways of working and helped push the right practices for us to get the most out of our staff.

Clive worked with me through my Leadership & Management course, helping me to hit the necessary evidence-based targets and achieve my qualification. Whilst it took longer than usual due to Covid-19, Clive went out of his way to ensure that I could still hit the deadline by organising Zoom sessions for when we couldn’t have face to face meetings.

XR Training ensures that all students are looked after and can complete their courses safely and at the correct speed for them. They have multiple processes in place to help students who may be experiencing difficulties in their personal lives – not just on the course.

I, for one, would definitely do more courses with XR Training and would highly recommend them to any other company.

Laura Maidment-James

HR and IT Manager, Denval Co Limited

Business Improvement Techniques programme

Management & Leadership programme

Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair level 2

Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair level 3

I first heard about XR Training from a family member that was doing welding and fabrication with them. They told me all about the different things they did and I really liked the sound of the car mechanics.

With the help of Careers Wales I enrolled on a traineeship engagement programme, earning £30 per week and spending time in the centre workshop to develop my practical skills. Eventually I was put into a work placement, and from there I’ve completed my level 1, level 2, and now I’m working on my level 3.

I’ve gained so many new skills during my time with XR Training, learning how to maintain and repair vehicles at levels 1 and 2, and now diagnosing and rectifying more complex faults at level 3 with my employer, Lewis 4×4.

XR have supported me the whole time through, the staff are really friendly. I think being able to get on with them all so well has helped me massively, especially with my learning difficulties and the extra support I need with spelling and grammar. They’ve always been on hand to understand and support.

This apprenticeship has helped me get my foot in the door of the mechanics world, and allowed me to gain the skills I actually need at work.

I would recommend XR Training and their apprenticeships to anyone that learns better being on the job than being sat in a classroom. They will help you, just like they helped me.

James Bibb

Vehicle Maintenance Apprentice, Lewis 4x4

Thoroughly enjoying my time at XR Training. The level of support has allowed me to make substantial progress in a short amount of time, and I’m looking forward to getting my qualifications.

Yahya Mohamed

Vehicle Maintenance Apprentice, A J Evans

Throughout my apprenticeship I was constantly supported and had lots of communication with my tutors. The training helped me a lot with understanding the theoretical side of the work I was doing at the garage. The best things about my training with XR were how laid back it felt during my training days and how supportive my tutors were. Anna especially supported me a lot with my essential skills. I also had extra help from Sarah with other issues that came up during my training, and now I have my certificates to show for it all!

Elizabeth Kear

Vehicle Maintenance Apprentice, Acorn General & Commercial Motors

I am currently enrolled on my level 3 fabrication and welding apprenticeship with XR Training. I completed my level 2 with them in November 2020.

Being older than the average apprentice I have always been keen to gain recognition for the skills I’ve developed in the job I’ve been doing for years. Doing an apprenticeship was the best way for me to do this because I could stay in my employment – but it was important to me to get things done fast. XR Training took this into account and my assessor, Jack Marsh, made time to see me one-on-one outside of usual training days to mentor me through my qualifications quickly and effectively.

With these qualifications I hope to improve my job prospects and as a result, have a better quality of life in general.

I am very grateful for the support and guidance I’ve recieved over the years, and feel I have gained strong knowledge and a good understanding of a variety of engineering topics – not just fabrication and welding.

Jordan Mortimore

Fabrication & Welding Apprentice, Technical Engineering Ltd

I am enjoying how my apprenticeship is going, I have benefited from it in many ways, learned new skills and gained more experience that I never would have had otherwise. I’m happy with the training I’m getting and with the tutors, it was easy to build up a good relationship with them and I’m 100% confident about the future.

Sion Costelloe

Fabrication & Welding Apprentice, Door Fabrications Ltd

I believe my apprenticeship has benefitted me massively from the practical side of my welds and fabricating workpieces to the theory and knowledge behind the welds.

I have just entered my level 3 and I’m very happy with the training I have been provided and the progress I’ve made. The delivery has been very good which helps to make learning and understanding what I’m being taught much easier. The support from my tutor has been excellent and helps push me to progress.

My apprenticeship has helped me gain confidence in my work and I am both confident and excited to get further into the industry. I have gained many new skills since joining at the start of my level 2 and I have gained experience which has helped to boost my skills and confidence in welding.

Owen Lawrence

Fabrication & Welding Apprentice, Cambrian Valves

Fabrication & Welding level 2

Fabrication & Welding level 3

Become an apprentice employer

We have had several apprenticeships arranged through XR Training, and have found that the courses arranged have always been beneficial for us as a company and are the best way to help the learners progress.

The training is very good and the communication between learner and assessor is amazing. We find that this is important and helps the learner develop in the smoothest way possible. The assessor always reports back to us with both positive and constructive feedback which is always taken on board to assist the learner in their progression.

We would highly recommend XR Training for any company’s training needs and look forward to continue working with them!

Debbie Duignan

Management, Cambrian Valves

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